Ocean Way Express

  S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) LTD. using Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) created Ocean Way Express that brings you: Instant Response to Charterers using your mobile, Cargo Intake Maximization (Even Keel Trims), Full cover against Draft & Air Draft Restrictions, Absolute Elimination of Unnecessary use of Ballast, Carefree Stability Compliance (Grain + Intact), Minimization of Stresses at Sea + Port (for lower Steel Work Repairs). Ocean Way Express  using  Artificial Intelligence Technology  (AI), is a mobile app for every Bulk Carrier Operator , who can instantly get   from the ease of his mobile phone : Ship Particulars for any chosen vessel of his fleet, Deadweight Scale Calculations (for given Draft, Cargo or DWT), EASYLOAD - Optimal Stowage Plan Generation using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for single Bulk Cargo Loadings, Creation of New Chartering Cases (Voyage Details, Load Zones, Draft Restrictions etc) & instant calculation of Max Cargo Intake, For any C

EU & UK MRV/ IMO DCS (CII) Reporting Software

 EU & UK MRV/ IMO DCS (CII) Reporting Software Today, that the required annual emission reports have already become three and the savings of resources and time are always the top priorities for your company, we are here to help you and we have the solution!!! Generate all required EU MRV, UK MRV and IMO DCS emission reports using our user-friendly software application. The only data you need to input for a voyage are:   - the port and date/time of departure and arrival  - the fuel robs at departure and arrival,  - total steaming hours and travelled distance,  - fuel bunkering quantities   and you can be able to generate per vessel - all the three reports in accordance with EU, UK and IMO requirements and - list of all voyages of year  - list of all EU voyages or UK voyages of year Our software has a variety of facilities to ensure easy and valid data entry, such as:  - lists of EU or UK ports,  - calendars for dates / time,  - fuel consumption control and verification with the bunk

Multiload for Windows Loading Program

  Multiload for Windows Loading Program Six reasons why you should choose SMM Multiload for Windows Loading Program   on your ship: Approved by all IACS Members and type approval by LR & DNV-GL , Installed on more than 1,000 Bulkers , Ease of use, versatility and with 43 functions of the Base Program with  up to 50 Multiload useful options to choose from, Covers all your Ship Operation Manuals and provides instantly technical information, Maximize Your Vessels' Operational & Chartering Flexibility Onboard and in the Office, SMM  unbeatable  quality  and superb  after sales support  for the years to come.

Steel Coils Loading Software

  Six reasons why you should choose SMM Steel Coils Loading Software  on your ship: Ship-specific process for increasing & maximising the steel coils and steel products loading per cargo hold , Since 1997 , we swiftly support your charterers' needs on steel coils and steel products loading with our software for more than 800 ships , Maximum allowable Steel Coils loading  for particular length, diameter and weight of coil for each cargo hold, Additionally our Actual Steel Coils loading module calculates the percentage of local strength/stress level as compared to 100% of Class requirements, You can examine the maximum steel coils loading (local Strength), stowage and final loading condition (drafts, SF, BM) for Multi-port/consignments operations, SMM  unbeatable  quality  and superb  after sales support  for the years to come.

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