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Windmill Blades (WMB) Loading on Bulkers' Deck/Hatches?

A HOT ISSUE THAT REQUIRES SPECIAL ATTENTION Critical Aspects: 1. Does the Loading Manual include Loading Conditions with Cargo on Deck/Hatches? 2. Do the approved Operational Manuals or Drawings contain the maximum permissible load on deck and hatches? 3. Does the existing Loading Program support weight input for Cargo on deck and hatches? 4. Are the the lashing/securing arrangements in accordance with the approved cargo securing manual? 5. Are there sufficient dunnage or other arrangements for distributing the load across the hatch end beams and hatch cover transverses? 6. Is appropriate care taken for eliminating the possibility of local deflection/bending/stretching due to point load? 7. Is there are any estimation of dynamic load? Learn More for ML Loading Program for WMBs loading:

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