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Ocean Way Express

  S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) LTD. using Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) created Ocean Way Express that brings you: Instant Response to Charterers using your mobile, Cargo Intake Maximization (Even Keel Trims), Full cover against Draft & Air Draft Restrictions, Absolute Elimination of Unnecessary use of Ballast, Carefree Stability Compliance (Grain + Intact), Minimization of Stresses at Sea + Port (for lower Steel Work Repairs). Ocean Way Express  using  Artificial Intelligence Technology  (AI), is a mobile app for every Bulk Carrier Operator , who can instantly get   from the ease of his mobile phone : Ship Particulars for any chosen vessel of his fleet, Deadweight Scale Calculations (for given Draft, Cargo or DWT), EASYLOAD - Optimal Stowage Plan Generation using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for single Bulk Cargo Loadings, Creation of New Chartering Cases (Voyage Details, Load Zones, Draft Restrictions etc) & instant calculation of Max Cargo Intake, For any C

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