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Our new e-Shop was just launched, delighted to invite you to visit, to register and benefit from special discounts by clicking the following link:  

Freeware ERS Drill Organizer

We are pleased to invite you to download our freeware software-organizer for Emergency Response Drills: This Software application provides simple means for the Q & S departments for monitoring your Fleet’s Damage Stability and Residual Strength Drill Exercises. This is a freeware offered by S.A. Malliaroudakis not only for our SMM ERS clients but any other interested company. The main features include: - Entry of your company’s and vessels names - Monitoring of up to 2 drill exercises per vessel per year For each drill exercise the following information is recorded: - Vessel - Scheduled Date - Date Done - Captain Name - Drill Evaluation (0 to 100%) - Drill Evaluation Questionnaire

Announcement of New Partnership

SMM is pleased and honoured to announce its working relationships with Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. in terms of our MULTILOAD Loading Program. This partnership will allow our company to apply our advanced Loading Program on their demanding Loading Operations, expanding in that way our reach into such esteemed and worldwide milestone Companies. 

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