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Ship Reporter Software

SHIP REPORTER SOFTWARE The purpose of Ship Reporter is to reduce the number of reporting systems currently in use in order to ease the workload on the crews, and to have more accurate and value-adding data. Gains are summarized as follows: • Ease of use.  • Tailored to Company’s Reporting Policy.  • Good Data Quality of reports. • Minimization of human errors to vessel’s reporting due to ship-specific limits and standardization of typing/wording. • Easy transmission of reported data for further processing as well as for assessment of Voyage Performance and compliance to new regulations (ie. MRV). • Simple generation of automatic email with all the required data for easy reporting to all the concerned parties. • Smooth and care free integration of the stored data to third party software products.  • Consistent records of reported data that can be retrieved for any period. • Allowance of monitoring historic reported data with statistical analysis and KPIs integrations (ie. EEOI, Fue

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