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Why do you need SMM ERS?

  Why do you need SMM ERS? We know how to  best support  your company's  ERS Preparedness. Over 30 years  of experience. More than  50 companies  with over  600 ships  have chosen 24/7 SMM ERS. 24/7  availability for  effective  and  immediate response  to emergencies at sea. SMM  unbeatable  quality  and superb  after sales support  for the years to come.

SMM-eORB(Part 1) / SMM Electronic Oil Record Book

  SMM Electronic Oil Record Book Five reasons why you should choose SMM - eORB (Part 1) on your ship: The first Electronic Record Book software, which is getting Type Approval certificate from DNV-GL   globally LISCR, Cyprus, Singapore, Bahamas, Malta, Norway, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands & Hong Kong Flag Administrations accept officially our software Clarity &Transparency based on official shipyard’s documentation endorsed by SMM(UK) Ltd. as 3rd party. Automatic synchronization of data between vessels and office(fleet-based). SMM' s software unbeatable quality and superb after sales support for years to come.

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