Background In case of bunkers’ discrepancies between barges’ receipt quantities and vessel’s actual quantities. Our Services -        Ensure the validity of sounding/ullage tables (Measurement of Reference Point- Zero Ullage) -        Onboard Verification -        Remodeling of Tanks -        Revision to Sounding/Ullage Tables

Feedback from 50 commercial shipping operators on digitalizing their business

Feedback from 50 commercial shipping operators on digitalizing their business As part of productizing our latest product line we sat down to meet with 50 operators and mapped out their needs, ambitions, expectations and disappointments in their digitalization work. In this blog, we give a high level overview of what seems to have worked out and what often has not. When we met with a large number of operators and asked the same questions, clear patterns started to emerge in terms of how digitalization has been approached and what challenges they encountered. The patterns were surprisingly repetitive and in the cases where things did not go as planned, it seemed like most operators were struggling and got stuck with the same challenges. In an effort to draw some useful parallels on a high level, we have to separate the ones who have made a deliberate effort towards digitalization from those who have not. We also have to separate those who feel they have been succ

Inefficient use of navigational tools leads to grounding

On May 2016, the US-flagged lake freighter (laker) Roger Blough ran aground near the Gros Cap Reefs Light, off Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada. There were no injuries and no pollution reported, but the vessel sustained $4.5 million in damage to its hull and cargo system. The US NTSB issued an investigation report on the accident, providing a description of what happened. The incident  On May 26, 2016, the Roger Blough departed Superior, Wisconsin, en route to Conneaut, Ohio, a voyage of 890 miles. The vessel was loaded with a cargo of 45,093 tons of taconite iron ore pellets. The vessel’s intended route, which was programmed into the ship’s electronic chart precise integrated navigation system (ECPINS), closely followed the Lake Carriers’ Association (LCA) recommended downbound trackline for Lake Superior. On the same day, the Canadian-flagged laker Tim S. Dool, in ballast, lost all electrical power and propulsion approximately 65 miles northwest of Whitefish Point in easter

Add Deck Cargo to your Bulker for Increased Operational Flexibility - Improving your ship’s profitability by carrying cargo on deck

If your Bulk Carrier by design is not yet approved to carry deck cargo we are at your disposal to perform the necessary studies and get them approved by Class. Our approach involves: Discussion with owners about market requirements Define class requirements for all necessary documentation that needs to be submitted to Class for approval Final agreement with owners for the project details                          

IMO MEPC 71 outcome

IMO MEPC 71 took place from Monday 3 through Friday 7 July 2017, in London. under the Chairmanship of Mr Arsenio Domingues (Panama) and his Vice-Chair, Mr Hideako Saito (Japan). This was the last meeting before entry into force of the BWM Convention for which important changes adopted regarding the implementation dates.  Two Working Groups (WG), one Drafting Group (DG), one Review Group (RG) and one Technical Group (TG) were formed and chaired as follows: ·          WG1    Air pollution and energy efficiency, Mr K Yoshida (Japan) ·          WG2    Reduction of GHG emissions from ships, Mr S Oftedal (Norway) ·          DG1    Amendments to mandatory instruments, Mr H Steinbock (Germany) ·          RG1    Ballast water management, Mr C Wiley (Canada) ·          TG1     PSSAs, Mrs A Makinen (Finland) The meeting was attended by representatives from 98 Member States, plus 2 Associates, 3 UN and Special Agencies, 8 Inter-Governmental and 50 Non-Governmental orga

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