Fleet Statistics with environmental KPIs across your good vessels in SMM Oil Record Book Software Learn More: ePrice: Contact us: 

Overtime Calculator into SMM Crew Work Rest Hours Software

New Overtime Calculator Module into SMM Crew Work Rest Hours Software New Features of Overtime Module:  • Facility for defining Vessel’s Public Holidays that constitute OT work on a yearly basis; • Facility for defining daily OT hours (for example work hours above 8 hours, work during Saturday or Sunday, etc.) on a weekly basis; • Printing an extra column on the monthly CWRH Report, displaying the calculated OT hours of each day (This column is, also, included in the monthly excel sheet); • Monthly summary printout with all crew members, their work and rest hours totals as well as their OT hours totals. Web: ePrice:

SMM eORB Software - MEPC 74 Acceptability of Electronic Record Books

The Committee in the recent MEPC 74 discussion seems to have approved guidelines on the acceptability of using electronic record books in terms of MARPOL Annex I and as such  the use of electronic record books in lieu of paper record books has been scheduled to enter into force until 1st October 2020. In that respect you may check our most advanced solution to that effect:

SMM Software Products - Data exchange Capabilities

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Our up to-date loading program will enhance the vessel’s capability while is fully approved by all IACS Class Societies by: ·          Maximize the allowable steel coils per cargo hold over and above the originally designed steel loading per cargo hold ·          Maximize the allowable combination of size of steel coils per row and tier per cargo hold that will also facilitate actual nonhomogeneous size of steel coils in the cargo holds ·          Maximise the steel products (steel plates, steel solid sections and pipes, slabs etc) per cargo hold that is not included in the operations manuals with:

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