IBM and Danish transport company Maersk said they were working together to digitize, manage, and track shipping transactions using blockchain technology. The technology, which powers the digital currency bitcoin, enables data sharing across a network of individual computers. It has gained worldwide popularity due to its usefulness in recording and keeping track of assets or transactions across all industries. The blockchain solution being built by the two companies is expected to be made available to the ocean shipping industry later this year, according to a joint statement from International Business Machines Corp and the container unit of A.P. Moller-Maersk. It would help manage and track the paper trail of tens of millions of shipping containers globally by digitizing the supply chain process from end to end. This will enhance transparency and make the sharing of information among trading partners more secure. When adopted at scale, the solution based on th
The European Commission has just published its online Frequently Asked Questions on the implementation of the MRV shipping regulation. The Commission’s FAQ provides very useful information and answers to a number of highly relevant questions concerning the regulation. These Frequently Asked Questions aim to assist MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) companies, verifiers and other stakeholders to implement the European Union MRV shipping legislation. It requires ships carrying out maritime transport activities to or from EEA ports to monitor and report information including verified data on their CO2 emissions from 1st of January 2018. The legal framework for these obligations is established under Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport, (the MRV Shipping Regulation) which has been amended by Delegated Regulation 2016/2072 and it is to be read in conjunction with Delegated Regula


At the end of fiscal year 2016, the Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division imposed criminal penalties of more than $363 million in fines and more than 32 years of imprisonment from cases related to intentional discharges of pollutants from vessels. SMM Oil Record Book ( ORB ) Trainer Software minimizes the margin for error in data entries to the Official Oil record Book to the best possible extent. Considering the difficulties involved for the shipping companies to ensure the means, resources, time and/or know-how to keep the standards of completion of Oil Record Books under close scrutiny, we are pleased to provide a practical and user friendly software that can assist in the harmonization of ORB completion standards . Real Time warnings inform and prohibit the user for/from any incorrect entry based on Real Time processes/algorithms with given incinerator/pump/tank/O.W.S. capacities and ship specific tanks connections, enabling different


Background For chartering purposes, in case you need to issue a Dual Load Line certificate. Our Services We are at your disposal to check if the Class Requirements for Damage Stability for B-60 Type vessels (Vents Positions, subdivision etc.) are met and to advise the following: 1) Study for p ossibility for assignment of deeper draft 2) Procedure for Dual Load Line certificate issuance 3) Authorization procedure concerning the flag’s requirement
BACKGROUND OF REGULATION As a first step towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport, the EU requires operators of ships exceeding 5,000 GT to monitor and report their carbon emissions and transport work on all voyages to, from and between E.U. ports. M.R.V. APPLICATION All ships exceeding 5,000 GT regardless of their flag, port of registry or home port are concerned, except warships, naval auxiliaries, fish-catching or fish-processing ships, wooden ships of a primitive build, ships not propelled by mechanical means, and government ships used for non-commercial purposes. OUR CONTRIBUTION In reference to M.R.V. Compliance, the most urgent part consists of Monitoring Plan with deadline on 31 st August 2017 . At SMM with our long experience in Vessels’ Performance and having recognized the potential inconsistencies involved during emissions monitoring, we are your best alternative for preparing your Monitoring Plan. More specificall

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